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Charity Volunteers


At Auntie's House, our mission is to cultivate the creative potential of youth and inspire positive change within our community through music and the arts.


We are dedicated to providing comprehensive educational programs, empowering young individuals to express themselves, develop critical skills, and become catalysts for social transformation.



We believe in the power of education to unlock the full potential of every young person. We provide comprehensive music and arts education programs that foster creativity, critical thinking, and cultural appreciation. By offering mentorship, workshops, and access to resources, we equip youth with the knowledge and skills necessary for personal growth and future success.


We strive to empower youth by providing them with a platform to showcase their talents and amplify their voices. Through performance opportunities, community engagement projects, and collaborative inititiatives, we foster self-confidence, leadership abilities and a sense of belonging.


We are committed to uplifting both youth and the community as a whole. By organizing concepts. exhibitions, and artistic events, we create spaces where diverse perspectives can intersect and inspire dialogue.

community enagagement

We recognize the importance of community involvement in nurturing youth potential. We actively collaborate with local schools, community organizations and stakeholders to create meaningful  partnerships and expand our reach. 

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